I Love Love Mood Boards // Clean Slate

Happy New Year!!!  Hey friends thanks for coming back to visit.  It was a lovely long break, but back at it and feeling very inspired!  Today's mood board is perfect for where my head is at, and the perfect way, in my opinion, to begin a new year, with a clean slate.  These pretty images are industrial and minimal and lovely inspiration for a very pretty wedding. 

I Love Love Events Mood Board // Clean Slate

I Love Love Mood Boards // DIY White wedding

When I picture an all white everything wedding, it's usually a little more traditional, a little more crisp.  I've created a mood board inspired by all the amazing photos of The Cream Event around the internet (here, here, here) that slashes that stereotype.  White can be DIY, it can be laid-back and it can be fun too!  

I Love Love Mood Boards // Winter Wonderland

I'm looking out my window watching the snow come down on the already-very-snow-covered ground.  I want to be thinking spring, but from the warmth of my chair it actually looks kind of pretty and sure would make a dreamy wedding.