Steal this Style // 15 Dance Floor Decor Ideas

I'm over on Something Turquoise today blogging on ways to make deck out your dance floor.  Wait until you see all the unique ideas we've come up with, from vinyl logos on the floor to floating tassel installations.  Click over and check them all out!

15 Unique Ideas to decorate your dance floor

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15 Ideas for Non-floral Centerpieces

Hi!  Hope you're having a fantastic week.  I am still on a high from the beautiful wedding we did in Michigan this past week, and now I'm so excited to be sharing a super fun post I put together on Something Turquoise.  I searched the internet to find 15 ideas for non-floral centerpieces that I would actually be excited to use.  I find that often centerpieces sans-flowers can look cheap, but that doesn't have to be the case.  There are so many great ideas that can help tell your story without blooms.  And, for my DIY-loving brides, with non-floral centerpieces you have the option to make ahead.  Click over to Something Turquoise to see all the fab ideas! 

15 Ideas for Non-floral centerpieces

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15 Ideas to Decorate Your Wedding Tent

If given the option, I find that couples tend to not want a tent for their wedding, because a tent means bad weather, rain.  Tents often get stigmatized as an ugly eyesore.  I'm guilty of that myself.  Well, it definitely doesn't have to be.  A tent can be an amazing focal point of the day, if you get a little creative, and (most likely) hire the right vendors (we're talking ladders and high lows).  You can add color, texture and amazing design.  Hop on over to see my full post on Something Turquoise and pin away these fabulous wedding tent ideas!  Even if it's raining outside, it will be happy and beautiful inside.   

Ideas to decorate a wedding tent

Top 10 // Disco Ball Wedding Details

OMG. OMG. this is my absolute favorite wedding detail of all time, a disco ball, because nothing says party like a disco ball.  Plus they're all glitter-like and the light moves like your back in fifth grade at the skating rink.  They really are the best best detail, and I'm so excited to share these 10 snippets, including my own, number 7.  Happy Thursday, y'all!

Disco Ball Wedding Detail

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DIY Instagram Sign

Today I have a super duper easy DIY from the wedding I shared last week, simple and cheap instagram signs.  Every couple these days wants to get the word about their wedding hashtag, right?  Well, This simple DIY will help you do just that, with an affordable way to sprinkle reminders around the party for guests to tag those photos as they post.  

DIY Wedding Instagram Signs

I absolutely loved how it layered onto the table. 

DIY Wedding Instagram Signs


  • Ikea Tolsby Frames
  • Gold spray paint (or color of your choice)
  • Chalk pen
DIY Instagram Wedding Signs

Step 1: Remove the plastic windows (there are 2, but you only need one) and spray paint the frame.

Step 2. Print your sign 4"x6", I made this simple design using fonts the couple used through out the wedding details. 

Step 3. Trace the design onto one of the plastic windows. 

DIY Instagram Wedding Signs

Step 4. Insert the plastic window back into the frame and you're done!  So simple! 

DIY Instagram Wedding Signs