15 Amazing Ideas for Decorating your Getaway Car

Hello friends and brides!  I am back again today on Something Turquoise sharing awesome ideas for your getaway car!  This is one of my absolute favorite details of a wedding, because it's all about fun and the DIY ideas are super easy.  Pom poms, tassels, banners and bunting are just a couple ideas to make your car into the perfect photo op!  Click here to see all the ideas. 

15 Getaway Car Ideas

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DIY Ribbon Clutch

All you DIY go-getting brides, I've been holding this one for awhile, but now, but I finally did this fabulous DIY ribbon clutch the justice it deserved, or more accurately, photographer, Caitlinn Ramsden, did it the justice it deserves.  I stumbled upon the inspiration for this bag on Pinterest years ago, and I thought it was so beautiful that I had to recreate it.  The way the ribbons flow when you move is like a ballet dancer.  This clutch would be an lovely bag to carry on your own wedding, or if you're really ambitious, a fabulous handmade gift for your bridesmaids!  I have mapped out the tutorial for you below, so scroll to lean how to make your own DIY ribbon clutch.

DIY Ribbon Clutch
DIY Ribbon Clutch


  • Leather or fabric
  • zipper
  • a variety of ribbon (I used 5 different ribbons), I should also note that I used the fancy silk ribbon, which gives beautiful movement 
  • Scissors
  • sewing machine
DIY Ribbon Clutch Supplies

Step 1: fold the leather in half and cut to size, matching the length of the zipper.  My clutch is 12" x 8" finished, so the measurements of the folded piece below is 12 1/2" x 9" to allow for seam allowances.  

DIY Ribbon Clutch

Step 2: unfold the leather and pin and sew the zipper to one side, right sides together.

DIY Ribbon Clutch

Step 3: Fold right sides out and sew the other side of the zip, right side to right side as shown below. 

DIY Ribbon Clutch Tutorial

Step 4: Lay out your ribbons.  Line them up with the edge of the leather on the side with the zipper head and leave a tail on the opposite side.  My ribbons are laid out on an angle starting from right under the zipper and angle down about an inch on the right side.  

DIY Ribbon Clutch Tutorial

Step 5: Start with the bottom ribbon and pin and sew the top to the body of the clutch, leaving a long tail.

DIY Ribbon Clutch Tutorial

Step 6: pin the other side with the same ribbon in the same position, but cut the tail, so it's even with the body of the bag.

DIY Ribbon Clutch

Step 7: do the same for the other for ribbons.  Leave the tail of every other ribbon long on each side of the bag.  So the side shown below has long tails on the second and fourth ribbons and the other side of the bag has long tails on the first and third ribbons.

DIY Ribbon Clutch Tutorial

Step 8: Turn the bag inside out and sew along the edge with the out the tails.  Then on other side, be sure the tails are left out and the short ribbons tucked in and sew that side.  

DIY Ribbon Clutch Tutorial

Step 9: Turn right side out.  Trim the threads and tack zipper if necessary. 

DIY Ribbon Clutch Tutorial

and take it out on the town! 

DIY Ribbon Clutch

DIY Tassel Wall hanging

I created this DIY for my bohemian-inspired Friendsgiving party on Sunday.  It would make a great year-round wall hanging, could be done in more festive colors for a more holiday look, or even done on a larger scale for an impactful wedding detail.


  • yarn - I used three colors
  • scissors
  • branch or dowel - I painted mine gold
  • twine, if you don't want to hang it from the string
  • books of different sizes

Step 1 - Wrap one of the string colors around one of the books about 20 times.

Step 2: String a loop, about 3" or 4" long, between the wrapped yarn and top of the book.

Step 3: thread the loose end through the loop and tie

Step 4: cut the wrapped yarn at the bottom of the book

Step 5: wrap yarn at the top, about an inch long

Step 6: tie wrap

Step 7: tie a string, through the loop at the top of the tassel.  I kept my strings, long, maybe 15", so I could play with the layout.  

I made three different sized tassels, one for each color, so I used three slightly different sized books for the templates.  I made about 10 of each tassel to create the hanging.

I played around with the layout before tying.