I Love Love Mood Boards // Pretty in Pink Garden Party

It's spring!  It's spring!  Guess I was feeling extra girly this week, because this mood board is all about flowers, the color pink and butterflies.  Yes, butterflies.  They are making a comeback.  Mark my words.  Last time butterflies were a big thing, I was a teenager and Mariah Carey ruled the world.  Now it's Queen B, but butterflies none-the-less are making are back on the scene.  I think they could be so pretty sprinkled into wedding details, paired with pretty flowers, and spring colors.  

Pink garden party mood board

I Love Love Mood Boards // Daffodil Wedding

The end of this week ushers in March!  I could not be more excited to thing spring.  And my mood board this week is all about a flower you don't think of so much when it comes to weddings, the daffodil.  These early spring perennials are yellow or white and often associated with Easter, but I think used in just the right way, they could be the perfect flower for a happy spring wedding.