I Love Love Weddings // Alfresco Picnic Wedding

You know when you come across an image you can't get out of your head?  That happened with this STUNNING wedding I found on Pinterest when searching for turquoise wedding rings for a post a few weeks back.  Elizabeth of Spell designs dreamed up a stunning, casual, modern, boho wedding day and with the help of some all star vendors, she made that dream a reality!  These images are beyond inspiring!  Click here to see more!!  *Disclaimer: this isn't my work, but I wish it was!

alfresco picnic wedding
boho bridesmaids
Sunny picnic wedding
alfresco picnic wedding table top
modern boho picnic
alfresco picnic wedding

The Events Lounge / Rugs + cushions: The Palace & Co  / Anise Catering / Custom made low tables / The One Day House /  Cushions & poufs + gorgeous Beni Ourain Rugs: Tigmi Trading ~ + vintage Moroccan silverware / Assorted verandah furniture: Lovestruck Weddings  / tropical plants: The Borrowed Nursery / Organic love-spray party favours: Vanessa Megan Skincare / Luciana Rose & her team: Hair & Makeup 

Flower Child Picnic at the Beach

I am giddy to share these images with you!  A few weeks back my friend, Viviana, the beautiful mama behind the flower crowns out there, Sweet Mimi Studio, and I, along with our talented photographer friend, Ankia Fatouros brainstormed the cutest shoot idea!  I created and posted a mood board for this shoot, and seeing it come to life through my little man, Oliver, and Sweet Mimi Studio's darling little Amelia has me grinning from ear to ear.  I love the colorful layered textiles sprinkled with flowers and wrapped driftwood.    Then there is hanging I dip dyed and whipped up, and of course the icing on the cake is that VW bus tent.  Speaking of that tent, we are giving it and a Sweet Mimi Studio flower crown away!!!!!!!!  Head over to my instagram for all the details!!

VW bus tent // picnic on the beach

Can we talk about the wardrobe?!  That little surfer dude with the peace sign and the beautiful flower child with her Harlow and Jade jumpsuit and Sweet Mimi Studio flower crown.  

Flower child // Harlow and Jade jumpsuit
Flower Child Picnic
Cute baby with sunglasses
Flower Child // picnic on the beach
peace sign and flowers
Sweet Mimi Studio flower crown
VW bus tent // picnic on the beach
Harlow and Jade jumpsuit
picnic on the beach // flower child
VW Bus // picnic on the beach
surfer baby


And don't forget to head over to instagram for giveaway details!! 

I Love Love Mood Boards // Flower Child Day at the Beach

VW Busses have been calling my name lately.  They always do, but recently they've been showing up as a welcome symbol that always make me happy.  Those iconic vintage vehicles along with my desire for the next generation to find them as charming as I do is the inspiration for this mood board.  A little hippie, a little surfer, all fun is the theme for this beach soirée.  

Flower Child Day at the Beach

I Love Love Mood Boards // Parisian Elopement

Yes, I am daydreaming about travel again.  This time it's running away to Paris for an over=the-top romantic elopement.  We are talking about cliche romance, exchanging vows in front of the Eiffel Tower, followed by a picnic in the park (with baguettes and cheese, of course), and then a sunset glass of champagne at a cozy cafe.  I can't think of anything more cheesey that's also incredibly perfect.  A fairytale start to your happily ever after. 

Parisian Elopement Inspiration

I Love Love Mood Boards // Secret Garden

With the unseasonably warm temperatures this weekend has most of the country thinking spring, us included!  I love this happy and whimsical floral inspiration that mixes real flowers with giant over-the-top paper pretties.  This secret garden theme would be perfect for anything from a kids party to a baby shower to a unique wedding. 

Secret Garden