I Love Love Mood Boards // Modern Minimal Tropical

While normally I lean toward the colorful and whimsical, I love myself a clean palette from time to time.  Modern isn't just reserved for a clean loft space, with the right vision, we can make a tropical beach wedding feel clean and modern.  To achieve this look, use lots of greenery and keep the palette limited to a few colors, and metals.  Bring in modern furniture for a sleek, unexpected look, and give your bridesmaids simple bouquets of protea and large leaves.  

Modern Tropical Wedding Inspiration

I Love Love Mood Boards // Modern Romantic Inspiration

You guys, I have an exciting projects in the works and this mood board is step one.  Mood boards are actually always step one in my process.  After my our initial client consultation, I get started right away putting together a mood board.  The board can always shift and change, but it's great to have an agreed upon visual north star, depicting our favorite elements. 

This mood board, for my special project, is a beautiful combination of romance and modern details.  The client is looking for decor that is heavy on the greenery and florals, with lots of beautiful personal touches.  The color scheme is romantic with some unexpected touches of blacks and greys.  And the feel is a joyous alfresco celebration that perfectly combines vintage and modern elements. 

Romanic Alfresco Wedding Inspiration