I Love Love Mood Boards // Clean Slate

Happy New Year!!!  Hey friends thanks for coming back to visit.  It was a lovely long break, but back at it and feeling very inspired!  Today's mood board is perfect for where my head is at, and the perfect way, in my opinion, to begin a new year, with a clean slate.  These pretty images are industrial and minimal and lovely inspiration for a very pretty wedding. 

I Love Love Events Mood Board // Clean Slate

I Love Love Mood Boards // Scandinavian Christmas

Today's mood board is less about weddings and more about getting into the holiday spirit.  This year, I was thinking of doing Christmas a little more minimal.  I love the scandinavian holiday vibe.  A mix of blacks, metallics, whites, loads of texture and the more greenery the better!  Here is my decorating mood board.  Can I stick to it?  I guess we'll have to wait and see...

I Love Love Mood Boards // Scandinavian Minimal

After recently reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I long to be a minimalist, but alas, it's just not who I am.  Maybe I'll never be a minimalist in my home, but at least I could plan a beautiful, Scandinavian inspired party.  Full of clean lines, black and white accents, natural elements and lots of candle light.