I Love Love Mood Boards // Moroccan Inspired Wedding

I returned from Marrakech just over a week ago now, and as you can imagine I brought with me all kinds of inspiration.  Some physical, some in photos and some in my travel-lusting memory.  On first sight, the city seems dull and dirty, then you come upon a beautiful door and behind are the most exquisite, colorful details you've ever seen from floor to ceiling.  And the next thing you know, someone is serving you mint tea.  Marrakech a magical place filled with the kindest people, amazing color and of course, beautiful, hand-crafted things that you need to bring home with you (I did anyway).  On the Moroccan high, I put together a mood board that encompasses all the most beautiful parts of the city.  

Moroccan Wedding Inspiration

I Love Love Mood Boards // Love you to the Moon

Inspired by last night's harvest moon eclipse, I created this mood board for the moody dreamer.  The gold and navy pair so well, and who doesn't love a hit of sparkle, especially if it comes in the form of star lanterns.