5 Hudson Valley Florists to Follow on Instagram

The Hudson Valley is rich with beautiful botanicals, and some very talented designers waiting to turn natures most beautiful decor into pieces for your perfect wedding day.  Here are our five favorite Hudson Valley based floral designers to follow on instagram.  


Dark and Diamond

@dark_and_diamond is an AMAZING husband and wife floral design team with cutting edge ideas and a perfectly curated feed!


Hops Petunia

@Hopspetunia -Kelli turned her designer's eye to floral arranging when she noticed herself bringing botanicals more and more to the forefront of her work.  She has an eye for photography and styling and is always looking for something new to work on.   


Jarita's Florist

@jaritasflorist - another husband and wife team who have been in the industry a combined 40 years!  Beautiful arrangements and exquisite and special pieces perfect for your event.  


Henry and Phoebe

@henryandpheobe - Kelly is a little social media shy, she doesn't post often, but when she does her work is exquisite.  I've seen Kelly do her thing on the spot and it's magic! 


Molly J. Marquand Flowers

@boblinkflowers - Hailing from England, and growing up in New York's Hudson Valley, inspired by some of the most beautiful gardens and landscapes in the world. Molly has a Masters of Science degree in Botany, and a professional background in plant conservation, she makes beautifully curated pieces.  Plus, glimpses of farm life. 

Need more recommendations?  Reach out and lets work together! lauren@iloveloveevents.com

I Love Love Mood Boards // Catcti Party

The cactus, it's a low maintenance houseplant, but it's also the motif of the moment.  If you follow any design savvy person on pinterest, then you've seen the multitude of adorable DIY projects that would be perfect for a cacti themed party.  I am just smitten with this idea for a kids party or baby shower.  What do you think?  Are you over the cactus?  

Cactus Party Inspiration

15 Ideas to Decorate Your Wedding Tent

If given the option, I find that couples tend to not want a tent for their wedding, because a tent means bad weather, rain.  Tents often get stigmatized as an ugly eyesore.  I'm guilty of that myself.  Well, it definitely doesn't have to be.  A tent can be an amazing focal point of the day, if you get a little creative, and (most likely) hire the right vendors (we're talking ladders and high lows).  You can add color, texture and amazing design.  Hop on over to see my full post on Something Turquoise and pin away these fabulous wedding tent ideas!  Even if it's raining outside, it will be happy and beautiful inside.   

Ideas to decorate a wedding tent

Five Ways to Wear Florals that are not a Crown.

I love a flower crown, but if you want to stand out in the wearable florals department, a regular old flower crown just won't do any more.  You need to get more creative.  

You can still wear flowers in your hair, but why not try them braided into your style? 

Maybe it's your bouquet you want to mix up?  How about trying a bridal corsage?  Or, keep the bouquet and don the corsage for the party. 

A floral anklet is the perfect accessory against sun-kissed legs at a beach wedding. 

Wouldn't a floral armband be a fabulous addition to an alternative bridal look? 

I am over the moon with the idea of stepping up your veil game and adding flowers throughout.  

photos: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 

I Love Love Mood Boards // Moroccan Inspired Wedding

I returned from Marrakech just over a week ago now, and as you can imagine I brought with me all kinds of inspiration.  Some physical, some in photos and some in my travel-lusting memory.  On first sight, the city seems dull and dirty, then you come upon a beautiful door and behind are the most exquisite, colorful details you've ever seen from floor to ceiling.  And the next thing you know, someone is serving you mint tea.  Marrakech a magical place filled with the kindest people, amazing color and of course, beautiful, hand-crafted things that you need to bring home with you (I did anyway).  On the Moroccan high, I put together a mood board that encompasses all the most beautiful parts of the city.  

Moroccan Wedding Inspiration