I Love Love Mood Boards // Blush and Turquoise

It's about to be summer and in my book that means colorful wedding.  I know many of you aren't as brave with color as I, so this mood board is for you!  Classic blush and white, with just a hit of happy turquoise.  This beautiful photo in the upper right was my inspiration and I am just in love!

Blush and Turquoise Mood board

I Love Love Mood Boards // Here Comes the Sun

Sorry, to my wonderful readers, I have been MIA for some time.  If you follow along on instagram, you might know that my dad passed away a few weeks back.  This loss is heartbreaking to me.  I took some time to be with my family and I am just now catching up.  All that said, I have a much happier mood board, inspired by the sunshine filled weekend we had, and the newly launched Sirius Beatles station, I call this one "Here Comes the Sun."  As I browsed pinterest for yellow inspiration many of the images looked like they were from around the time I was pinning inspo from my wedding, thus a little dated looking.  I think this set paints a happy, sunshine-filled picture while still looking clean and modern, and not a single mason jar in sight!

Here Comes the Sun Mood Board

I Love Love Mood Boards // Modern Rainbow Inspiration

A long time ago, a friend of mine showed me a photo from her parents wedding in the 70's, it was rainbow themed.  And it was not good.  Rainbows as an icon are making a HUGE comeback, they haven't quite hit the wedding industry yet, who seem to be all about the neutrals, but this mood board certainly makes the case for them.  Using slightly more subdued colors of the rainbow softens the statement and the ombre vibes I've presented here makes the colors flow nicely.  From the hand dyed napkins to the fabric backdrop, these rainbow vibes have our name all over it! 

Modern Rainbow Wedding

I Love Love Mood Boards // Wes Anderson Inspired Garden Party

This mood board has been living in my head for so long, I am so happy to put it out there in the world.  The interesting color combos of the Wes Anderson movies are so very inspiring, of course that's where I started for this mood board.  No Wes Anderson-inspired event would be complete with out a heavy dose of whimsy, for this event, that comes in the form of an over-sized garden of paper flowers.  I picture a dapper groom with quirky accessories and a bride with big personality, perhaps even a patterned gown.  This beautiful couple will be surrounded by adorable children, for a day filled with love and laughter.  

Wes Anderson Garden Party Inspiration

15 Ideas to Decorate Your Wedding Tent

If given the option, I find that couples tend to not want a tent for their wedding, because a tent means bad weather, rain.  Tents often get stigmatized as an ugly eyesore.  I'm guilty of that myself.  Well, it definitely doesn't have to be.  A tent can be an amazing focal point of the day, if you get a little creative, and (most likely) hire the right vendors (we're talking ladders and high lows).  You can add color, texture and amazing design.  Hop on over to see my full post on Something Turquoise and pin away these fabulous wedding tent ideas!  Even if it's raining outside, it will be happy and beautiful inside.   

Ideas to decorate a wedding tent