I Love Love Mood Boards // Nostalgic Fourth of July

Next weekend I'll be traveling to Michigan to spend the Fourth of July holiday with my family on Lake Huron.  It's my favorite place, the place I've been going every summer since I was born.  There is so much nostalgia for me in that little town in middle America.  We ride bikes in to town to get ice cream.  We pack a picnic and go down to the beach.  We sit by the campfire until the stars are their brightest.  It's those perfect memories of childhood, that I still live for as an adult that inspired this mood board.  I think that a wedding on a lake filled with comfort and nostalgia would be a perfect way to start a marriage. 

Nostalgic Fourth of July Wedding Mood Board

5 Glam Camp Wedding Details

Camp weddings make me happy.  I was a camp consoler one summer and it changed my life.  Ever since, there is a special place in my heart for summer camps and the nostalgia and happiness they evoke.  But not every camp wedding has to be mason jars and canoes, here are five details to make a fabulous, glamorous camp wedding.  Okay, I'll go ahead and say it, "glamping" wedding.

1. a pretty backdrop.  Love that this one combines natural elements with beautiful floral arrangements and lanterns, but pretty lanterns. 

2. a beautiful flower crown.  I know this detail is a little predictable, but look at this image.  It's glamorous and natural and so so pretty.  Bonus if you work in some jewels. 

3. escort cards with a nod to traditional camp activities.  I'm so impressed by the creativity of Michelle Leo Events to come up with an unexpected camp element with a glamorous twist. 

4. A woodsy cake.  Whether its a naked cake bursting with flowers and berries, or a birch tree inspired treat, a lovely cake is a must!

5. and what camp night would be complete without s'mores?  This s'mores bar, styled by Kathryn Wolle is probably the prettiest I've ever seen.