We love love brides with bright lips

How good is a bride with a bright lip?  or any woman with a bright lip for that matter.  I am a HUGE fan, it maybe a little work, but it makes you stand out, if you can rock it, it boosts confidence, and looks seriously killer against a white gown.

As a lipstick lover and wearer, I have listed my favorite reds, hot pinks and corals to try.

Four Hair Trends from Bridal Fashion Week

Truth be told, this is the first bridal fashion week I've really paid attention to, so I don't have a huge basis of comparison, but I thought the hair was very understated, for the most part.  And that seems to be what's on trend in the real weddings as well.  It's either super clean and simple, think Olivia Palermo, a slightly messy braid or beachy waves.  I personally love all three of those vibes.  The final trend we saw on the runway, I called "mile-high," this is top-knot on steroids and adds lots of drama to the overall look.

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