I Love Love Mood Boards // Bewitching Halloween Party

Inspired by the wave of creepy, crawly Halloween decor out there, I have created a mood board for a bewitching halloween party.  Candles flickering, spiderwebs cover the house, and potions are bubbling everywhere.  I love this idea, perfect for an evening dinner party or bash! 

Witching Halloween Party

I Love Love Mood Boards // Minimal Halloween

It seems like October to January is an endless parade of stuff coming in and out of storage.  But it's possible to get in the festive holiday spirit without cluttering up and adding a sea of orange to your home.  Below is a mood board with some great chic Halloween inspirations and ideas to keep it chic.  Some of which, you may already have, and others can be repurposed into your everyday decor come the New Year.   


I Love Love Mood Boards // Dia De Los Muertos

A last minute mood board to end your Monday, another non-Halloween Halloween party inspiration.  How about a Dia De Los Muertos Party?  I love the festive colors, the vibrant marigolds and loads of candles and, of course lots of skulls.  

I Love Love Mood Boards // Murder Mystery Party

If you know me, you know that I have an intense love for theme parties.  Ever since that episode of Saved By The Bell, it has long been a desire of mine to host a murder mystery dinner party, complete with costumes, acting and lots of candelabras.  I love this party is in the spirit of Halloween, but it's not literal pumpkins and skeletons, I think it would be so much fun!