I Love Love Mood Boards // Tuscan Wedding Inspiration

Something about me, my love for Italy has no bounds.  I've been twice, to study and for my honeymoon.  I took Italian lessons for five years.  I drive a Vespa.  Basically, I dream of being Italian.  This weekend I started watching Master of None on Netflix.  The first two episodes of season two are set in Italy and they attend an Italian wedding.  Just watching it made me so happy, and of course inspired this week's mood board.  You don't have to have a destination wedding in Italy to get that Tuscan feel, though if you do, I'd love to plan it!!  Here are five ways to incorporate that Italian feel into your big day. 

1. opt for long tables instead of traditional round

2. leafy garlands down the center of the table 

3. be sure to serve bread and olive oil

4. candles and cafe lights add the romantic ambiance 

5. keep the wine, pasta and formaggio coming and mangia! 

Tuscan Wedding Inspiration