We Love Love A. Fatouros Photography

I'd love to introduce you to my friend, Anika.  She is the talent behind the camera of A. Fatouros Photography.  Anika and I have been partnering on a lot of fun projects lately, including our styled Mama Sessions in just a few days.  Thank you Anika for sharing with us! 

We Love Love A. Fatouros!

How did you get started in the wedding photography business?  

I have been shooting for a while mainly newborns and family. One day I got a phone call in regards to a wedding as the person loved my work and follows me on social media so they asked me to shoot their wedding. The responsibility of a wedding is a huge task but I met with the client and she was having a small wedding it just seemed to be the right fit to get me started in weddings.

How long have you been shooting? How long have you been shooting weddings?  

I have been shooting for 3 years now and I have been shooting weddings for a year now.

A. Fatouros Photography

How would you describe your photography or working style?  

I would describe my work as "the moment". I work hand in hand with my clients to customized their experience. From picking out colors to for their newborn session, what to wear, to printing portraits for their home. One of the biggest thing for me is that we live in a fast paced world and everyone wants things instantly. I try to educate my clients on the fact that digitals don't last forever and that it is important to print as these are tangible memories that gets passed down for generations.

A. Fatouros Photography

What's the best thing about photographing mamas and babies? 

Whether it's their first child or fifth, the birth of a new child always unites a family and it deserves to be documented. There are special connections between parents and siblings, and these moments should be captured. 

The worst? 

I would say the unpredictable pooping but it comes with the territory. When it happens we usually laugh about it. 

Any advice for aspiring photographers? 

Learn your device, practice, set up your business correctly, take classes and workshops, find a mentor. Do not undercharge you time is still valuable. Be open to constructive criticism it will make you better. Shoot how you feel, develop your own style and don't try and copy someone else's style. 

A. Fatouros Photography

What is your favorite thing to photograph?

Babies because I love capturing their innocence and I love capturing the love and connection between couples! 

In your opinion what makes a good wedding great?

The entertainment! Also I think when a wedding has elements that speak to both the bride and grooms personalities makes it great! 

Any other advice for brides planning their wedding?  

Make it your own!

Thank you so much Anika for answering our questions!!