Three Unexpected Places to Shop for Bridesmaid Dresses

You ever think you've looked at every single bridal shop out there, and you just can't seem to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses.  The amazing thing is, that these days you can look anywhere for your gal's gowns.  Seriously, from vintage to Forever 21!  Along with the new, no rules for weddings comes options, options and more options if you look beyond the bridal shop.  A few of my go-to places to look for clients are the three below.  

First on the list, Asos.  Asos is amazing for so many reasons!  Their selection is HUGE!  So big it's tough to see it all, luckily they have great search tools.  Asos is always on the front end of the trends.  They have a range of prices and great shipping policies!  


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Next up, Club Monaco.  I love their sophisticated silhouettes and clean lines.   Club Monaco styles are classic, yet fashionable.  Their prices are a little higher, but they have great sales and free shipping over $150.


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Last on today's list is BCBG.  For the bolder bridesmaid, BCBG offers trendy, sexy styles that really flatter a woman.  Like Club Monaco, BCBG has great sales and they also offer free shipping. 


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