Four Brides who MADE Their Dress

As a person who knows her way around a sewing machine and makes clothes for herself on a regular basis, I have mad respect for these four brides who made their own dress!  Incredible!  The ultimate wedding DIY!  

From the bride above:

The biggest DIY was the gown, and being a procrastinator (perfectionist?!) I waited until I had no other option but to make my own gown as the wedding was 3 weeks away and I didn’t have anything to wear yet! My expectations were too high (can’t a girl just get a Marchesa around here?!), and a creative drive from running on pure stress… my mother, sister, and I all tag teamed the idea and went from there! I sketched out what I wanted, hunted for fabric, and went to the fabric store with an idea, $200, and a wedding in 3 weeks. We bought a pattern to work from and ended up ditching it last minute to make our own, custom-fit pattern. I still don’t know how it turned out the way it did… After we made the lining of the dress together I went to work creating the bodice, I stitched together pieces of beaded lace I hand cut to my desired pattern and meticulously added/ hand stitched the entire top half of my dress. I then continued to just guess on how to create the bottom half of my dress, and before I knew it, I had something to try on. Working Monday-Friday and planning every other detail of the wedding, I only had the weekends and occasional evenings to work on my dress. In a matter of 3 weekends, one over nighter and an hour the day of the wedding, I had a finished champagne gold colored, beaded gown that was my very own design, craft, and doing. I am still in shock, doubt I can pull that off again, but it makes for a great story. - See more on 100 Layer Cake.

While the bride above didn't sew her whole gown, she found pieces from various everyday internet retailers to create the perfect look.  More from her:

I also assembled my dress from various vendors from the internet–a handmade tulle skirt paired with a dress from ASOS and satin ribbon from Michael’s. I couldn’t find the perfect gold shoes so these are gold-leafed J. Crew flats.  See more on Ruffled.

The bride pictured above took the DIY to a new level, including the entire dress, shoes and bouquet!  More on her look from the photographer, Gia Canali:

Jillian made her own dress, including the pattern for it. She deconstructed a vintage dress to create a pattern for the bodice (the green part); sewed that, and then crocheted doilies madly for three weeks straight. She used over two miles of crochet yarn. Apparently they were still working on the dress the morning of the wedding (!) and Jillian had to be sewn into it, Project Runway style.

She found her heels at David’s Bridal and had them dyed, then used a pair of vintage earrings that belonged to a friend (via the friend’s grandmother) as shoe clips. Such a clever way to sass up your outfit and make it your own!  See more at 100 Layer Cake.

This bride not only sewed her dress with her mom, but she is standing in her drop-dead-gorgeous venue, which is actually her grandparent's cattle barn.  And her sister, Bethany Small,  photographed the event!  See more on Style Me Pretty

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