Gift Guide // For the Dudes

Why is it that girls are so good at getting guys gifts that they also like?  It's a funny thing, I don't think my husband has ever gotten me a gift that he wants too, yet 99% of the presents he has opened benefit me somehow.  Anyway, here are five awesome ideas for your man, that you probably secretly want too. 

Dude Gift Guide

1. I think the gift to give your guy this year is a drone.  How 'bout one he can take cute selfies from above with? 

2. a retro record player for rocking Taylor Swift.

3. A dude-friendly doormat

4. I've seen Not Your Father's Root Beer, but I'm not that into root beer, Not Your Father's Ginger Ale on the other hand... and it's brand new!  Hopefully hubby is nice enough to share. 

5. Always a great stocking stuffer, a multi-purpose tool, perfect for opening #4.

6. Maybe one day you'll come home from work and he'll have used this book to concoct a Mad-Men-type cocktail hour treat.