Top 10 // organized bride

It's the new year, time to refresh and organize and if you're a bride-to-be, you probably have a million lists, photos, dates, gifts and guests to keep track of.  Here are 10 items that I think a bride could use to help keep her on track and organized.  

1. Bulletin Board - While pinterest is a necessity, a bulletin board is fun to pin your absolute favorite photos and inspirations too.  Create a cohesive and edited look to work from. 

 2. Rifle Paper List pad - This pad is perfect for listing and checking off the todos each week

 3. 2015 Planner - you'll have lots of appointments and a planner will help you keep it all straight

 4. All The Essentials Wedding Planner - this is the best and prettiest wedding planning binder I have found yet

 5.  lucite desk organizer - this handy help can organize your invoices, or RSVPS or even loose receipts 

6. personalized calendar - why wouldn't you want this charming calendar hanging in your office to keep count of the sleeps until the big day

7. Pinterest  - well, if you aren't using Pinterest by now, what are you waiting for!?  It is the easiest, perfect place to gather all your wedding hopes and dreams

8. Appy Couple app - Appy Couple is the most magical and stylish way to share your wedding with your friends, family and guests--from Save The Date to Honeymoon

9. Rifle Paper Co. Weekly desk planner - break down the week at a glance to keep you on target

10. Storage Boxes - chances are you'll have supplies and crafts and projects going on during the process, keep your space beautiful with these adorable boxes