We Love Love Jen Carreiro of Something Turquoise

Jen and I both attended the Alt Summit last summer, though we didn't actually meet, I picked up her DIY chapstick business card (amazing), and an online friendship was born.  Jen has an incredibly inspiring DIY wedding blog called Something Turquoise.  If you don't know about it yet, stop what you are doing, head over and check it out, because her ideas are that good!  Keep reading to see a few of Jen's all-time favorite DIYs and a shout out to my wedding that she featured a while back (blush).  

How did you start Something Turquoise?  

First I came up with the name and then I bought my url, SomethingTurquoise.com. After that it was 4 months of worry and stress before I did anything, I even applied to be a wedding blog intern because I was so afraid of "starting". But once I did, I realized it was no big deal and from then on I shared a post every single day except for Sundays. To be successful at anything you should look at those who are already successful at what you want to do and try to do it better - so that’s what I did. I looked at what other wedding bloggers where sharing and then put my own twist on it. Like my DIY’s for example - it’s always been my goal to share projects that actually work and that are easy to follow, now I've shared more than 200 and inspired hundreds of brides.

How long have you been blogging?  

Before ST I had 2 simple blogs; one that was an online portfolio of my wedding work (invitations, decor and such) and the other was one of those photo-a-day blogs that people did before Instagram. So I had experience with writing blog posts and how blogs worked technically before I started ST. So total I’ve been blogging for about 5 years but with ST it will be 4 years in April 2015. Looking back it seems like it's been forever, but it also feels like I just started. Time is crazy isn't it?

Do you have any all-time favorite DIY projects?  

Yes! I’ll just give you my top 3 favorites because I could go on forever:

1. “With this Ring” Wedding Ring Holder (pictured below)

2. Honeymoon Beach Bag (pictured above)

3. Wedding Card Bag (pictured below)

Any favorite weddings you've featured? 

Yes! Yours was one, of course :) And I have two others. Tiffany and David and Addie and Michael (all pictured below). All three events were extreme DIY labors of love! All had insanely amazing decor, details, unique ideas and you can truly feel the love and creativity through the imagery. These wedding weren’t DIY to save money, they were handmade because all 3 brides wanted something unique and special; they wanted to express their creativity in a way that honored their relationships and their guests.

Where do you see the wedding trends moving?  

I see them moving to rustic but not “mason jar” rustic, modern without being cold, and events in general that are more intimate. Now that it’s acceptable for people to do whatever they want, I think in the next few years we are going to see amazing creativity, unique venues, and much more. It’s an exciting time.

What's the best thing about working in the wedding industry?

I feel like I have the best of both worlds. I get to provide inspiration - which is the greatest thing ever! I don’t have to work weddings on Saturday’s and deal with overwhelmed brides - I just get to share stories of love and creativity. Being a "place" where people come to be inspired is an honor and a huge responsibility. So I do my best to keep things fresh and fun. Aside from blogging, hearing love stories is my favorite thing.

The worst?

For me the worst part would be that as a blogger and not a vendor, I don’t get to be a part of any of the beautiful events! It’s so special to help someone create their perfect wedding.

Any advice for someone looking to get into wedding blogging, or blogging in general? 

That’s a tough question to answer and I get asked it a lot. I always say to read Blog Inc. by Joy Cho to start. Beyond that if you want to blog for fun, that’s easy. If you want to blog to make money, that’s hard hard work and you have to have a passion that doesn’t quit. I tell everyone to follow their heart because it will never lead you astray. That's what I did. Even my wonderful husband didn't think I could pull of sharing 4 tutorials a month when I first started, now I share 6. If you are passionate about something - share it and the money will come.

In your opinion what makes a good wedding great?

1. Personalization. 2. Theme execution. 3. Food and drink! I love when people take personalization to the next level and truly execute a beautiful theme throughout an entire event, which is hard to do. Having delicious food and drink are a must! Spend a little extra and treat your guests well, since everyone always talks about the food.

Any advice for brides planning their wedding? 

Yes! Read Something Turquoise and I Love Love Events blog! lol… I regularly share loads of unique wedding advice that you can find on my blog daily.