DIY Tassel Wall hanging

I created this DIY for my bohemian-inspired Friendsgiving party on Sunday.  It would make a great year-round wall hanging, could be done in more festive colors for a more holiday look, or even done on a larger scale for an impactful wedding detail.


  • yarn - I used three colors
  • scissors
  • branch or dowel - I painted mine gold
  • twine, if you don't want to hang it from the string
  • books of different sizes

Step 1 - Wrap one of the string colors around one of the books about 20 times.

Step 2: String a loop, about 3" or 4" long, between the wrapped yarn and top of the book.

Step 3: thread the loose end through the loop and tie

Step 4: cut the wrapped yarn at the bottom of the book

Step 5: wrap yarn at the top, about an inch long

Step 6: tie wrap

Step 7: tie a string, through the loop at the top of the tassel.  I kept my strings, long, maybe 15", so I could play with the layout.  

I made three different sized tassels, one for each color, so I used three slightly different sized books for the templates.  I made about 10 of each tassel to create the hanging.

I played around with the layout before tying.