I Love Love Mood Boards // The New Neutrals

Of course I love all my mood boards, but this one speaks to me for so many reasons!  I am obsessed with the colors, the mixing of slightly bohemian with modern elements.  The details seem of-the-moment, but not too trendy.  I called this mood board "the new neutrals" because blush, indigo and mustard are the non-color colors.  They are the accents that keep close enough to a safe neutral palette, but kick it up a notch.  

The New Neuratals Mood Board

I Love Love Mood Boards // Blush and Turquoise

It's about to be summer and in my book that means colorful wedding.  I know many of you aren't as brave with color as I, so this mood board is for you!  Classic blush and white, with just a hit of happy turquoise.  This beautiful photo in the upper right was my inspiration and I am just in love!

Blush and Turquoise Mood board

Tips on Tipping

Vendor tipping is a tricky topic I get asked about all the time.  Weddings are so expensive, factoring in an extra couple grand to tip the various vendors the day of seems like a twist of the knife, and it’s hard to know these norms.  Further more, you don’t want to know these norms, because if you don’t know them, then do you really have to adhere to them?  Of course it’s not required, but tipping many vendors is a standard practice.  Here is what I recommend when couples come to me with this question.

Tips on Tipping your Wedding Vendors


Generally speaking caterers are the vendor most likely to have gratuity built in to their price.  Check your contract to see if there is an 15% - 20% gratuity.  If there is, nothing more is necessary, if not, you can factor in tipping 15% - 20% on the day of, or alternatively, you can find out how many staff they are brining and tip by individual, which may be more economical, generally about $100 for catering managers, $50 for chefs and bakers and $20 - $30 for wait staff.


If your officiant if a priest, pastor or rabbi, you can consider donating $50 - $100 to the church in addition to your fee.  If you have a personal relationship with the officiant, then something a little more personal could be nice, for example a local restaurant gift card.  Finally, if using a judge or civil clerk, then it's okay to forego a gratuity. 


Some contracts may include a gratuity for musicians, be sure to check for a "service charge," in which case an additional gratuity is not necessary.  If not included, a small gratuity of $25 for each member or the band or for a DJ is a fine amount.  


Tip hair and make-up artists as you would a regular appointment, 15 - 20%.  Assistants who wash or dry your hair should be tipped $3 - $5.


If your vendors own their own business, it's not necessary to tip them.  However, if the staff onsite does not own their own business tipping $30 - $50 is a reasonable amount for photographers, videographers and florists and $50 - $100 for wedding coordinators.  


You can give coat check attendants $1 - $2 per guest, powder room attendants, $.50 - $1 and valet $1 - $1.50 per car. 


It is customary to tip limo drivers 15-20%, check the contract to see if gratuity is included.  Delivery persons can be tipped $5 each.

A few additional general tips and rules of thumb: any vendor that exceeds your expectations or goes above and beyond, you can thank with a tip.  Have gratuities prepared before hand, labeled and ready to go in envelopes.  This will make it easy and smooth and if you are comfortable can hand off distribution to your coordinator.  

I Love Love Mood Boards // Tuscan Wedding Inspiration

Something about me, my love for Italy has no bounds.  I've been twice, to study and for my honeymoon.  I took Italian lessons for five years.  I drive a Vespa.  Basically, I dream of being Italian.  This weekend I started watching Master of None on Netflix.  The first two episodes of season two are set in Italy and they attend an Italian wedding.  Just watching it made me so happy, and of course inspired this week's mood board.  You don't have to have a destination wedding in Italy to get that Tuscan feel, though if you do, I'd love to plan it!!  Here are five ways to incorporate that Italian feel into your big day. 

1. opt for long tables instead of traditional round

2. leafy garlands down the center of the table 

3. be sure to serve bread and olive oil

4. candles and cafe lights add the romantic ambiance 

5. keep the wine, pasta and formaggio coming and mangia! 

Tuscan Wedding Inspiration

I Love Love Mood Boards // Here Comes the Sun

Sorry, to my wonderful readers, I have been MIA for some time.  If you follow along on instagram, you might know that my dad passed away a few weeks back.  This loss is heartbreaking to me.  I took some time to be with my family and I am just now catching up.  All that said, I have a much happier mood board, inspired by the sunshine filled weekend we had, and the newly launched Sirius Beatles station, I call this one "Here Comes the Sun."  As I browsed pinterest for yellow inspiration many of the images looked like they were from around the time I was pinning inspo from my wedding, thus a little dated looking.  I think this set paints a happy, sunshine-filled picture while still looking clean and modern, and not a single mason jar in sight!

Here Comes the Sun Mood Board